Welcoming the Olympic Flame to Rethymno

Celebrate with Rethymno: Welcoming the Olympic Flame! Join us in celebrating a special event in Rethymno! Rethymno warmly welcomes the Olympic Flame on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 4:00 PM. This flame begins its journey from Ancient Olympia and will travel to Paris for the 33rd Olympiad in the summer of 2024. Rethymno is proud […]

Carnival celebrations in Rethymno!

Many years ago…                    Since 1914, the beautiful Renaissance Rethymno has celebrated Carnival with its many fun events. A Carnival from times gone by, which left the nostalgic scent of romantic dances in the air, during which the inhabitants of Rethymno, amidst laughter and jokes, paid homage to “His Excellency the King of Carnival”. The teams […]

Guest First at World Travel Market in London!

Guest First will be present at the World Travel Market in London during the period 6-8 November 2023!

Guest First at “Supercharge your success in 2024”

Guest First will be present at the “Supercharge your success in 2024” with Vrbo & Avantio *hosted by STAMA Greece!